Fashionvest #1 – Staple Denim

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up on a Sunday. Ahhhh, the smell of late mornings. Or noon? Hahaha! I recently read an article about organizing your closet and how successful people (ie: Steve Jobs) only wear ONE signature style to minimize menial decision making. It is fascinating that you will not find this “single signature style” being written about women leaders (imagine: Anna Wintour be wearing the same dress over and over again with that iconic sunglasses. Not very Vogue isn’t it?). I just started working about a year ago and previously I did not pay that much attention to how I buy stuff, particularly fashion items because my parents gave me the money. Now that I am earning with my own sweat, tears and blood (I’ve experienced paper cuts and blisters on countless occasions); I think it’s time to rethink how I spend money on fashion. I’ll share some of the key pieces I think everyone should invest in. Let’s call it the Fashiovestment series.

People think you have to wear expensive stuffs to look good. I disagree. You don’t need to buy everything designer (unless you can afford them) to be stylish but I suggest you invest in these key pieces. Fashionvest series is meant to give you all some ideas of which clothing items or accessories that you should pay attention to instead of giving the wardrobe a complete overhaul.

Let’s start with item 1; a staple denim jeans. I think you don’t need 10 denim jeans. Especially when you’re working in an office with only Casual Friday and not Casual Everyday. If you have various kinds and colors then that’s great but if you’re looking to only keep one, then a straight cut, navy denim is the way to go.

Must it be navy? 
No. Whatever color you like but I think navy is easiest to pair.

Must it be straight cut?
Depends. Some people prefer bootcut, slim, skinny, highwaisted but I like straight cut so, whichever floats your boat.

Ripped hems and embroidered ones are cool too but I think an absolute must is a classic, clean pair and on top of that if you want to add an extra pair with rips all over, go nuts.

These are some of the jeans I think will make a great staple piece:


Photos credits to Uniqlo


Photo credits to Zara
Photo credits to Massimo Dutti
Photo credits to Dior
Share with me your Fashionvest denim pieces okay! 🙂
Nadia Ismadi

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