Peachy Keen

Several things got me thinking today. While I was riding in an Uber the other day, the driver asked me if I wanted to become a beauty mogul. Random, I know. He was telling me how the big brands like YouPuteh and E’Herbs (bukan nama sebenar) for examples are making tons of money feeding into people’s crave for vanity. Agreeable to a certain extent. He went on to convince me that it’s not that hard especially if people see you are good looking (even though that has got nothing to do with the products that you’re selling). I politely declined before he took out samples for me to try or something.

Honestly, a part of me admire these brand founders for being able to market themselves aggressively, translating into million dollars of sales. Balls of steel, I tell you! But I don’t think I have the right built or character for such campaigns. But who knows, years down the road I might be selling jamu ketiak putih tinggi langsing (direct translation: white armpit tall slim herbs) or something.

Anyway, if I’m selling jamu I will be wearing this top from Mimpikita. I mean, how can you say no to me in this cute peach top! Partly maybe because you’re scared of me but the top, ain’t it cute! It has everything I want: structure, feminine bow, endless styling possibilities, defined waist and PLEATS! Where pleats? Hold on ah…

Scarf: loaned from my sister
Top: Mimpikita (and they’re on SALE!)
Pants: Zara
Heels: Debenhams (the most comfortable pair I own ((to date. Emphasis on the word to date. Maybe more coming :P))

THERE PLEATS! I wanted to show you how the collar looks like. The pleats are super cool! #sorryforthecrumples
I said several things got me thinking right? The others were ‘why is my food not here yet?’ and ‘which football club shall I buy when I’m rich’. What do you guys think? 
Nadia Ismadi 

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