#IOchallenge – 25 things I love about myself

I am not used to angkat-ing my bakul. *my sister is rolling her eyes next to me*

If the challenge was to list down the things I DON’T like about myself, I’d be writing the 759 page of my book of hate. I think we are so used to focus on our shortcomings or short-leggedness (that’s on page 1 in my previously mentioned book) rather than our awesomeness and strengths. What a shame.

So let’s change that, shall we? Here’re the 25 things that I love about me:

1. I’m passionate about a lot of things

2. My lame sense of humor

3. My long, people-think-I’m-a-pianist fingers

4. When I’m stressed, I wish I’m a Rambutan tree

5. I’m not allergic to seafood

6. I’m allergic to dust (Hooray, to no cleaning dusty stuff!)

7. I can’t sit still without doing something

8. My dimples

9. I have a resting B face (it’s like when you see durian you think it will taste horrible because of the thorns and horrible smell but actually it’s soft and smelly on the inside. I don’t like Durian)

10. I can spend hours in bookstores

11. I can spend hours in clothestores

12. I can spend hours in shoestores

Was that cheating? It feels like cheating. Let’s lump stores under one then. So we are still at 10.

11. I enjoy traveling alone

12.  I’m a great listener

13. I’m a feminist

14. I bake some kick ass red velvet crinkles! (I think that’s the only reason my brothers let me hug them)

15. My fashion sense

16. I cried watching Transformers (I’m a softie like that)

17. I look older than my age (no, I’m not 31. Try again you.)

18. I can get along with people easily.

19. Emily Blunt looks like me

20. I eat all vegetables

21. I have my dad’s determination and stubbornness

22. I inherited my mum’s kindness and hilarious sense of humor

23. I can sleep anywhere

24. My creativity

25. I love learning

All in all, I am happy with what Allah has given me. I’m nowhere near perfect. I mean if perfection is like Tom Hiddleston, then I’m Gollum. But I’m happy. A happy Gollum.

Nadia Ismadi

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