Were you wearing shorts?

I don’t have a favourite ‘favourite brand’ per se but Dude & Duchess surely speaks my style language. – But then so does Zara, Massimo Dutti, Fendi, Dressing Paula, all the stores in KLCC (including the men and kids ones too), etc. My go to pieces are mostly sleek, structured and effortless (although trust me, it’s a lot lot lot lot lot of effort to get ready). 

Anyway, when I was walking around in the office my colleague asked me if I was wearing shorts over the white pants. Hahahah! For a moment I thought it was funny but then not a totally bad idea right?! I mean generally, shorts ARE cheaper. So I can buy more shorts to overlay on top of existing pants! Smart la this woman!! 
I loved how the lace pants add some texture to my outfit. Paired with a basic white blouse and a black blazer, the outfit is somewhat formal but with a hint of demureness. I absolutely adored how it looked like from the back (sorry I forgot to take a picture. *sigh*) but it’s so chic! With the solid black colour of the blazer and a hint of the lace peeking underneath it. 
Word of warning though, if you’re not born with Irina Shayk’ lean legs then this pants need to be accompanied by some heels. You can wear flats but maybe instead of looking like Irina Shayk you look like a distorted bonsai tree. How is that even a fair comparison I don’t know, but you get the point. 
Why blue shoes? It may seem too out-of-nowehere but the lace on the pants is actually navy blue and I don’t want to look boring so there you go, electric blue. I always believe that you should always have one “show stopper” piece in your outfit. I’ll elaborate more on my Fashionvest series 😉
Nadia Ismadi

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