Shiyaa – That’s ‘sheer’ in Japanese

Okay, finally have time to write this. I know I promised you all this post will be up last night but by the time I finished my Japanese test, I thought ‘sweets’ was a Japanese word. So obviously you all have an idea how splendid my performance must have been during the test. #failoredilalikethis
On a lighter note, I am loving this ‘light layering’ concept that I found by accident the other day.

If I have a signature style, it will always be the effortless chic, like-you-just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Minus the drool and messy hair. I am currently drawn to light staples with a few statement pieces to make my wardrobe.

But this top that I got from Dressing Paula is I think a bit too light. Fine, it’s sheer. This top will of course be in my parent’s blacklist, without a doubt. But, me being me (and that is the practical obedient daughter that I am), I muslimahfied it. So, voila! Instead of wearing an inner, I layered it on top of a light blouse (can be satin, chiffon or silk).
So sheer the washing instruction also visible. 
I layered over bright top for some burst of color. 

Anyway, some inspo to feast your eyes:

Love Miranda’s and OP’s styles when it comes to looking effortless (when behind the scenes; there were probably an army of stylists, make up artists, hair guys, stylist’s runners, make up artists’ minions, masseuses, mime clowns, accountants, investors, and last but not least the guys who hold the portable mini fan; making this look so effortless).

My next sheer piece to add will be from Lubna! Too pretty!! And eventually Jason Wu’s and Tom Ford’s. Ahhhh, that’s how you know you’ve made it in life. 😉

Nadia Ismadi

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