Let’s be honest: Housewives

I love tea!

I spoke to this super nice lady who happens to be a family friend just now. While we were chatting, her 3 and half years old son was running around and she told me soon there’ll be two of them as she’s expecting another son on the way. I was so happy for her because her son is adorable and soon there’ll be two!

Being this kepochi minah that I am, I asked her did she used to work before she became a full time housewife and she told me she used to work for an oil and gas company. Wow, fancy! She said she missed working and look forward to getting back at it again. That bit got me thinking about these things: 1. Will I ever be able to give up my job to be a housewife? 2. Why not? (the answer to the first question was pretty obvious) 3. Why are there no women icons who are housewives? (think the Vivy Yusofs of housewives)

The questions are pretty related. I don’t think I can ever give up work because I see my career as the way I add values to my family and the society. But then, why can’t I be contributing to my family and society by being a stay at home mom? I was rummaging in my head to find any women icons who are celebrated because they’re housewives. Couldn’t think of anyone. That’s a shame no? Housewives are not given enough credits doing the things they do because it seems easy and it has no direct measurement of success.

By the end of the chat, I still didn’t think being a housewife is something I’d do (at least for now) but it got me thinking about the various sacrifices housewives made to make sure everyone else can carry on with their day glitch-free. They’re willing to double hat, triple and sometimes even quadruple hat various responsibilities from being the school bus driver to a chef and a runner to a housekeeper to ensure everyone else’s sanity. Mama is a housewife and till this day I don’t know how she does it.

Cheers to housewives everywhere and seriously, there should be a special place in heaven for all of you. Just like there should be a special place in hell for drivers who won’t let you in even after you gave signals like a billion times from hundreds of miles away. But that’s for a discussion on another day.

Nadia Ismadi

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