Curiosity kills more than just cats

Hello, people! How are things with y’all? I’m taking a break now from a geopolitical read. zzzZZZ….

Just wanted to tell you a funny story. While I was minding my own business rummaging the fridge in the pantry earlier today, I saw this cute jar with some dried flowers in it. It read flower tea and being the curious monkey that I am, I shook it trying to figure out what flowers were it in. Clearly a very productive day in the office.

While I was at it, the cleaner came (also curious) to see what it was and we were just standing by the fridge guessing the flowers.

Me: That small white one looks like Jasmine kan?

Aunty: Ya, I think it’s Jasmine. Are those red buds, roses?

Me: I don’t know (at this point curiosity got the best of me, I opened the jar and started to smell the flowers). It smells like roses (held the jar under Aunty’s nose for her to smell).

While this cute, TV-commercial-worthy conversation was happening; my boss walked into the pantry. When I turned around she just stood there, looking a bit stunned.

Me: (Hand still holding the jar under Aunty’s nose) Is this yours? *grin* *sweat* *praying she’ll say ‘no, I have no idea who’s that is’*

Boss: Yeah, that’s mine.

You know the funny thing about smelling tea is, it can be quite calming if it’s not your boss’s. She just chuckled and said ‘why is it when I’m walking into the pantry you’re always up to something naughty? Hahaha!’  -_______________-”

Bye bye promotion.

So, speaking of tea; I actually bought some stuff of mysale. Tadaaaaaaa!

Yeap, bought the tea set, some teas from Whittard and this really cool 5-year diary. It took me almost a month or so to receive them but am so happy when they came in the mail!

This was my first purchase from mysale. The discount is quite similar to the ones offered on the original website. For instance, the teapot set was from Bombay Duck and on the website the price is about the same but you may have to pay additional for shipping. So all in all, not a bad experience shopping with mysale, just have to be patient.

Look at how cute the bird is on my teapot?! And if you’re ever buying the tea from Whittard, the Mango and Bergamot one is the bomb!
Speaking of the bomb, how breathtaking is this Zuhair Murad’s bomber jacket! *jaw drops*
Speaking of drop,..
Okay, okay I’m done. You can view the entire Zuhair Murad’s Pre Fall 2017 collection here. I wear size S or M (depending on the cutting), thank you.  😉
Nadia Ismadi

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