Week Roundup – Rojak

It’s Monday already! Can you imagine? Time flies like nothing these days. I wanted to post a lot more but did not manage to. More like got distracted by other things. But am super proud this week. Super rojak; a bit of work, fitness, events and fashion stuff. Here’s the recap:

1. Marathon training
Don’t faint yet, you read it right. I’m running the Malaysia Women Marathon 2017. Even by just saying the name of the marathon gave me knots in my tummy. 0.0
If you’ve attended the Inspiring Orchid Conference last year, you should know that my boss gave out the challenge for me to run half marathon. Not everyone else, just me. Felt super special for a moment there. Till reality hits really hard in the bum! Hahahaha!

Every other day, I’ll run in the park after work. I’m liking it now (for a tiny bit) especially when I can really see the difference in my stamina level after the training. But the day after, I walked sideways because couldn’t cross my legs properly. Walk sideways also still wear heels. Talking about beauty is a pain. Super accurate.

Will keep you posted about the marathon 😉

2. Styling Workshop 

Yesterday morning I had a short meeting for my startup followed by a styling workshop by Thavia at Shop at 22. I have not been shopping with my girlfriends (or done much girly stuff like this) for so long so this was definitely a good day out! The styled pieces were from Thavia’s Uninhabited collection presented at the KLFW and a couple of brands from Shop at 22 .

Narissa explaining her style; must haves and go tos. Trust Narissa for effortless styling tips 😉
Naddy Rahman in the house!
Good to see you there Miera!
And of course the ladyboss, TCJ! Such an inspiring entrepreneur for being the brainchild of Thavia and Dida cosmetics. I looked too white for some reason in this picture.
Nars 😉
And one with Elia, the hostess + lady boss of Shopat22 + a future mum! She looked totally chic in the Sera bomber by Thavia!
Top: Finally got my Rizalman top out to play!
Pants: Cosry

Oh, I paired the cape with a lace top from Rizalman’s raya set so it doesn’t look so bland. I love how versatile his pieces are!

Can’t wait to try these! :DD
3. Sakinah’s Graduation!
She’s finally old! I mean, GRADUATED! Super proud of her!!!!
Don’t I look the youngest?
Sorry I didn’t have the full family photo yet but will put it up once I get my hands on them. We all went for dinner together afterwards. I’ve been guilty of missing dinner with my family for a long while so the dinner we had was definitely something I was very grateful that I had the opportunity to do. It made me realise on how much we laughed when everyone was back together.
Outfit changed! Couldn’t go to Sakinah’s graduation with all that frills now, can I? (On second thought, I should have).
So, how’s your weekend?
Nadia Ismadi


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