Hijab Discovery

“But you have always been wearing the scarf, isn’t that better?”, said the lady who recently chose to don the hijab when I went over to say how brave she was for making that choice. I pondered upon what she said. Is it really better?

Honestly, I have such a high admiration for women who made the choice to wear hijab on their own when they discovered the meaning behind it. I have been wearing the hijab since I was really young and it became such an integral part of me should if I ever to leave home without it, it’ll feel like I’m wearing nothing but 3 leaves or something. Do you get what I mean? I got so used to it I took the hikmah of donning the hijab for granted.

I got the chance to meet this beautiful model recently and was telling her how much I admired her courage for making that choice (after admitting to having stalked her on Instagram and all that creepy introduction I seemed to be accustomed to around famous people). Especially in her line of work, it must’ve been tough. She admitted having felt so much more serene after wearing the scarf and told me the story how she came to that turning point in her life. She looked a bit puzzled when I looked at her in awe as she was telling the story. That was when she said, “But you have always been wearing the scarf, isn’t that better?”

I cringed slightly because I am still that person learning about the deen and trying to make that discovery. More often than not I don’t know the reasons behind certain things I do. I mean it says wajib in the Quran and my parents were (and still are) quite strict on all these things; so I do la. But why is it wajib, I’m not too sure. Why can’t I do this and that; I don’t know.

So, to those of you who think that people who wear scarves have got the deen all figured out, that might not be true most of the time. And to those of you who are already complying with the do’s and dont’s of the religion, don’t ever be complacent and judge the people who you think are ‘misguided’ and ‘liberal’. For all you know, they have sincerer hearts than you.

Oh, I must share with you this video that I came across accidentally after a long day at work today. A tight slap in the face for me but sometimes that’s just what you need to put things into perspective. If anyone has more videos/articles/books to help me learn, do share please 😉


Nadia Ismadi

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