Boohoo April!

I made it a habit (and I recommend you all do too) to have a monthly recap on the highs and the lows happening to you for that particular month. However, April did not look very well for me though.


I don’t usually complain a lot {(emphasis on a lot) and (my sisters and some of my friends who have been getting the ‘my-life-sucks’ call must be rolling their eyes reading this. Bahahah!)} but when you were at an all time high and then suddenly rolled down to an all time low, the contrast was just too jarring.
April was pretty hectic with a couple of development planned out for Save4Dream. We’ve applied for a couple of banking accelerators and they all ended with ‘Dear Applicants, we have been getting overwhelming responses and unfortunately…’ emails; you get the gist. And then there was an unsuccessful grant application too. The team and I had been running around after work to work on the applications and all those late nights and the screamings from my concerned parents for coming home so late felt like they just went down a really dark pit.
To top it all, my CTO went back to his hometown for good as his work visa has expired and I was just really bummed. It was such a challenging month and I couldn’t help but broke down the other day in the effort to make sense of all these. So often I heard people tell me ‘you are so lucky to have all of these opportunities and success’ or ‘your parents are the coolest’ or ‘you’ve achieved so much’; I wanted to tell them you did not see the low points when I had to break down rejection news to my team just when we thought we were making progress or when my parents were super upset because I did not make it home to spend time with the family after a long day at work trying to juggle both a full-time job and a startup or when my mum gave a ‘khutbah’ about getting married (as you can see our priorities are very different). I love my parents to bits (and I’m sure they love me to bits too *cough*they should*cough*) but I guess we all have different opinions about things.
Sometimes I get super upset because the progress has been slow or less than what I imagined it to be but I will have to remind myself that I’ve given everything my all and God knows best. Such a gloomy post this time huh? Sorry guys but I feel the need to pour my heart out somewhere. Oh, speaking of which, I need to get my punching bag up. Bought one a while back to channel negative emotions. ;P
Looking forward to happier days in Prague! I mean May! 😉
Nadia Ismadi

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