TN50 Dialog Wanita

An agenda in my calendar today was to head to TTDI for the TN50 Women Dialogue. Did not manage to get off in time so thank God for Facebook live. I am very proud of some of the aspirations that were shared tonight:

– minority rights particularly for indigenous communities
– women’s safety
– women supporting one another
– skills shortage amongst graduates
– empowerment of women via film and entertainment industry (watch out for the release of Suri Hati Mr Househusband!)
– women involvement in male-dominated industries including forestry, etc
– women in politics and policy making
– flexible working environment
– senior women contributing towards the GDP and national growth
– mentality shift and mindset change
– gender discrimination at work
– building a sustainable nation

To the house husband, Iman Wan (forgive me, or if you are reading this; please write to me if I wrote your name wrong); I am proud of you. Your son must be too.

I think this is the platform that all politicians should create. A platform where the people can freely voice out their concerns and hopes for the country. Listening to the rakyat should not only be the job of senior/popular politicians but rather all representatives of the people; regardless of which portfolio they hold. The opportunity provided tonight was very well received and there should be more opportunities like this in the TN50 roadmap. Job well done, Tan Sri Sharizat and YB KJ and here’s to a better nation.

Nadia Ismadi

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