Skincare S.O.S

When I was in Prague last couple of months, my skin was not too happy. I started getting zits all over my face. The weather was fairly cold and dry. Unfortunately, I did not pack the right moisturizer with me. And now am back here my skin is all happy again. It seems that I need to cross off “running away to Europe to retire and become a blogger” from my list. Sigh.

I will write about Prague (which was sooooo beautiful, btw) another day as I need to edit some pics first but today let me share some skincare warriors that rescued me from the horror of troubled skin.



I have been hearing people rave about the Liz Earle skincare line but since it’s not available in Malaysia (and the websites that sell them refuse to ship to Malaysia *meanie*), I did not get to try them. So when I was in Heathrow, I went crazy over some of the brands including Liz Earle.

The Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is seriously God-sent. The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth to gently exfoliate your skin and after the wash, my face is baby bum’s smooth! Please do not imagine that. It’s disturbing.


I coupled this cleanser with my entrusted Clinique cleansing balm to remove my makeup first. The Liz Earle cleanser can be used to remove makeup as well but I personally prefer the double cleanse routine (and I don’t like melted mascara all over my face).



I got the Liz Earle skin tonic as a gift with purchase so it came in a small spray bottle. Was not looking to get the full size as I have tons of toners to clear out first before buying new ones. Bad call. It was so so sooo good I had to order more online. Urgh. This is why impulse purchases happen: people hate living with regrets (especially when they can’t buy those things online).  – I shall share the website I used to get hold of this baby when I received them k.

I sprayed my face with this tonic after cleansing and maigod it was just uh-mazing! Left my face glowing with Nur Cahaya Keimanan. Alhamdulillah sis. 



It has been almost 7 years, my relationship with this Kiehl’s serum. Hands down, the bestest one in town! It feels so simple but it works wonders. This helps to lighten my breakout scars when I came back home. Hello glowy skin!

Spot Treatment


This. works. Nuff said. So if you have raging spots on your face, just dab this fancy French gel on top and sleep in. The next morning, it will pretty much disappear or at the very least shrunken. I got mine in a pharmacy in Singapore because I don’t think they have it in the pharmacies here. yet (I hope this will change soon). But fret not,  you can get this La Rosche Posay Effaclar Duo gel  online.



Are you guys still here?  This is the last one, I promise. I use Kiehl’s moisturizer (that I refrigerated for the wake-up-and-you-are-late-for-work cooling effect).

Voila! I’m done.

I’ll probably do a proper skincare routine post (warning: post might be super long so get your popcorn ready) if you’d like.

Wait, the bazillion minutes I spent reading this post is not even the “proper” skincare routine?! 

No honey, you’ve gats a long way to go. Says who being a woman is easy (and cheap)?


Nadia Ismadi

2 thoughts on “Skincare S.O.S

  1. I’m in Prague right now! And I’ve always wanted to try the Clinique take the day off balm. But I’ve always thought that it was expensive for a makeup remover. However, I am starting to invest in more skincare and will definitely check out your recommendations!

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    1. Hey! I’m so jealous that you’re there now! Prague is so beautiful! The balm is worth the price tag as a jar can last as long as 6months if you’re not constantly using heavy makeup. Have fun in Prague! 😊

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