Take me back – Prague

I have no excuse for not writing this time. Just poor time management. The little spare time that I have had been slotted with 8 Out of 10 Cats, this hilarious Brit show. Watch it! (addiction may follow suit but this site shall not be responsible for it).

Well, I promised in the previous entry (months ago, i think) to write about the trip to Chezch Republic. It was amazing! It was the first European country I visited and am looking forward to check off many more off the list.

The city of Prague brought out the architectural nerd in me (whom I have never met and have been enjoying a rent-free living within me. Now must pay already) and I was fascinated by the smallest things like the doors they had there and the balconies. Sceptics will probably say ‘ala, when you’re in foreign land, even the smell of farts can be like Chanel No. 5’ but seriously, I was in awe by the fact that the preservation of the buildings there was done so well that you felt like being transported into a different era as you wander around town.



Seriously, look at that door! Now this is worth paying for ‘cukai pintu’!

IMG_4969 2

The detailing on the buildings here. Love. Just love. And maybe envy. Small amount of envy.


The clock tower was under maintenance.



Clearly I needed therapy for this door fetish of mine. Couldn’t imagine how the session would go. “Hello everyone, I’m Nadia and I’m a door-aholic”?


IMG_5060 2

FullSizeRender 2

Oh, oh oh! If you’re ever here, MUST (with a strong emphasis on the act of not visiting being a crime) try out this restaurant! I could only eat seafood, Turkish kebabs and FRIED CHEESE (the. bomb. nuff said) while I was there since most of the poultries were non halal and this restaurant served the best baked fish I’ve ever had in my entire life!



Oooops, how did this one got in here?! I nearly bought the lollies thinking they were melon flavoured. Almost bought. Honestly. #sisjujur

Let’s move on to the best gelato in town, shall we? Angelato! Drooling over salted caramel as I’m typing this. *wipe keyboard*


I’m guessing Prague is the IT destination for bachelorette parties as this troop was the 5th one we saw that day. *cough cough* *nudge nudge* *hint hint* *wink wink* to my girlfriends, if you still don’t get this hint I think its time for me to find a new set of friends. It’s not you it’s me. (Read: it’s totally you)





Look at this girl, all preppy with her book.


Meet my colleague 🙂


I have no idea what she was doing. To be fair we were at the Beer Garden. Famous for well, beer. The fume was a bit much for her perhaps? I don’t know.


“This is a new trend that I’m trying”, was what I told myself. In reality, the weather was too cold for an open toe mule.


Just breathtaking.


Lennon Wall!


Door obsession coming through.


The streets were lit with artists and performers of all kinds! Loved the boy band and I posted a video on my Instagram of this instrumental cover they played but couldn’t figure out which song was it from. If you recognised the song please let me know. 🙂


Sorry, that was an awkward transition! I just couldn’t find a better one to talk about before this pic. Should it be the gelato? Nope, don’t think so. See my dilemma here! -.-”

We visited the Bone Church and just like you, we had chills too. It is one of the 12 UNESCO world heritage sites in Prague. A very interesting history. Not tragic, just fascinating. Urban myth has it that the bones were assembled by partially blind monks to form the structures and decorations within the church.




Till next time, Praha.



Nadia Ismadi

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