Entrepreneurs are the kings of the world?


I must say how intrigued I was on the responses that I have been getting when I told them I am leaving my job to go “be my own boss and a multibillionnaire” which was directly translated from me saying “being on my own”. I did not get similar responses when I told them I got a job working for one of the largest Japanese asset management company 2 years ago.

I think many people associate being an entrepreneur as far more successful than having a day job. I don’t think that is true. Statistically speaking, far more entrepreneurs ended up being in worse financial situations and living a non-balanced life compared to when they were in their day jobs.

So why are you doing it then if you don’t think you’re heading out to achieve greater career progression? I don’t think it is greater, I just think it is different.

The reason why I want to reroute to this path of entrepreneurship is simply because when I was younger (after realizing medicine is not for me), I always wanted to be out on my own, doing something I enjoy. And this was a powerful epiphany because not only at that time people who studied medicine are considered Gods and the ideal sons/daughters; the idea to be “on your own” was pretty much against the standard definition of success. This, of course was way before the “startup bubble” era.

I recently came across this interview by Vogue (now you know where I get my intel on life from) with Olivier Rousteing , the Creative Director of Balmain. I thought it was very interesting when he was asked if he would someday create his own fashion label and Olivier said that he has always wanted to work for an established fashion house and he said if he were to create his own label it will be very similar to his work in Balmain. Because the brand is me, he said. And mind you, he comes from a fashion industry where labels are everything! He could possibly be making more dough and fame having his own brand than working for a fashion house but that was not what success means to him. He gives everything he has to the company he is working for and feels completely contented with it.

So to all the people out there who feel or think that you are less successful being employed, think again. How do you define success for yourself and everyday, work your way through to achieve that. On the flip side, who knows along the way you’ll realize that maybe the work that you’re doing now is not what you wanted to do and you eventually you choose to be on your own.  

In conclusion: entrepreneurship is not </>  a 9-5 job. It is just ≠.

And no, entrepreneurs are not kings of the world. Except for probably Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. And that guy in the stock photo, clad in plaid vest holding a cigar. #swagking



Nadia Ismadi

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs are the kings of the world?

  1. Ahh I was thinking of blogging this subject matter! Simply because tooooo many people surrounding me are pulling my pants to leave current day job and hop on the “promising” entrepreneur bandwagon! Nice write up there sis!


    1. I know kan! Did you watch the Olivier Rousteing video? I thought it was simple but very profound. There’s no harm in dipping your toes in it though. Who knows you might want to jump into it eventually 😊


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