The 5 buckets rule

I want to talk about baldi. Yes, how interesting!

No, no don’t leave yet. I promise it is worth your time. I want to share some thoughts on commitments. Ayah said something that got me thinking a while back when I complaint to be drowning in so many things and asked how he managed to juggle everything. He said “you won’t have time if you don’t make time”. How is he so wise?

I realise how true that is now. In my first year of working, I practically stretched myself thin trying to fulfil every invitations I received, read everything so I become smarter and able to contribute to multiple conversations, be involved in several passion projects, balance family time and social life, juggling between a full time job and my startup and exercise more with tennis, taekwondo, swimming, yoga and running. Phewh, I am sweating just by listing those things. I ended up being extremely exhausted by the end of it. Super lemau (think soggy cucumber).

So I have the 5 buckets rule.

Bucket 1: Work
In 8 days, this will be my fintech venture; Save4Dream.

Bucket 2: Passion Project
This is Inspiring Orchid and women empowerment in general. And fashion 😉

Bucket 3: Family time




Bucket 4: Social life



Bucket 5: Private time

Reading and blogging! And travelling 😀 And exercise (yoga and taekwondo) And spa days! And SHOPPING!!! Okay, okay. Breathe…..breatheeeeee

I’m good, I’m good. No longer hyperventilating.

This is how I’m gonna sort my life now. With buckets. I will evaluate whatever that is thrown my way to see if they fit into any of these baskets, if not they’re out. I am sure these buckets will evolve and grow as I get older but For the time being, 5 seems like a manageable number.

So, what are your 5 buckets?


Nadia Ismadi

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