Are other women the competition?

If there’s something else I’m more passionate about than seafood Tom Yum, it’s EXTRA SPICY seafood tom yum. Urgh! I want Tom Yum!! Wait, where am I going with this? Nowhere. Let’s do this again.

If there is something I’m more passionate about than Tom Yum, it is empowering other women. I get warm, fuzzy feelings in my heart whenever I see fellow chickas pushing boundaries to achieve their goals. People say the biggest enemy for women are other women, not men. I believe there are some truths to that statement, unfortunately. Just ask my partner in a three-legged race, she’s still traumatised of the sport.

I am generally a very competitive person and sometimes I find it quite hard to b completely settled with others’ success without feeling the drive to start outdoing them. But I keep telling myself that I am set for something else that God had placed in my path and with hard work and patience I’ll get them eventually. I keep telling myself that the world is filled with opportunities and whatever that was given to others will not diminish my chance of achieving it too. It should in fact motivate me even more because if that person can do it, so can I.

Women should not see other women as competition. ย They should be seen as a support system. It is still somewhat a man’s world out there (to a certain extent) so it is crucial that women are constantly lifting each other up rather than pushing others down. Do read this article on why we constantly do the latter.

This is the reason why the team and I started Inspring Orchid, to be the support group for young women. I never really noticed the importance of having a support group until I met my (then) boss, Rejina Rahim. She is very supportive of me and that made a whole load of difference to my career trajectory. For instance, when we hosted the Inspiring Orchid Conference last year, I invited her as a speaker and she asked me who else I wanted to feature? So I mentioned that it will be nice to have Aireen Omar of AirAsia. She happily said that she personally knows Aireen and be glad to whatsapp her to ask if she’s okay to participate. I know right.ย #whatsappgoal


Oh my impeccable drawing skills! ๐Ÿ’

I wish to connect others to more women like Rejina and eventually build a support network especially for young women out there. So I urge women leaders to start grooming the young talents you have around you. To future women leaders out there, find your Rejina and always push yourselves out of the your comfort zones to be the best in what you do. Get in touch with me or the team at Inspiring Orchid if you ever need help. (Disclaimer: If you need help to cari jodoh or anything as such, we don’t do that, sorry).


Nadia Ismadi

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