What?! 2018 already?!

Is planet Earth spinning faster? Or are we currently living in a world where I (played by my doppelgänger, Amanda Seyfried), have to use time to pay for stuff and I OBVIOUSLY overspent during the Cyber Monday sale? Whatever the explanation is, I definitely do feel that time is moving faster and faster. Don’t you think so?

In a few minutes 2017 is leaving us. Can you believe it?! I is sad. Let us chart 2017 in a spectrum; on one end we have the engagement of Meghan Markle to Prince Henry (major love) and Trump presidency on the other. Well, my year sits closer to the release of iPhone X; sometimes it lives up to the hype and sometimes the face ID don’t work.

The highlights of my year was definitely the full time pursuit of Save4Dream, the work that we’ve done for Inspiring Orchid and the travelling bit. Some snippets below:

1. Went through an eye opening journey in the Stanford Go2Market program hosted by MaGIC.

I met some great startup founders from the program and gained so many interesting insights, I felt like taking the next flight out to Stanford to study. Wrote about it here.

2. Hosted some boot camps to help female graduates improve their public speaking skills.

Another realisation post Inspiring Orchid Conference last year, we need to do more and talk less. Whilst hosting a conference can definitely inspire others as the speakers lineup that we had were all hotshots in their respective fields, we feel that the skill based workshops can be more impactful. We have more workshops planned for Inspiring Orchid and we will continue to have another conference next year to get more people to be involved with the work that we do. Stay tuned!

3. Went to Prague and Hong Kong for the first time!

I wrote about that here

4.  Inspiring Orchid collaborated with a few organisations including the alumni of Perdana Fellow to launch Projek Wanita Malaysia.

Visit the Facebook page for more upcoming events!

5. Participated in the ASEAN Data Accelerator hosted by MDEC in collaboration with Open Data Institute.

I’ll be sure to write more on this soon.

6. Last but not least; unemployment . This is probably the biggest leap I’ve taken in my entire life. Hopefully I can share more ups and ups (can ah like that?) on this in the coming years.

My learning curve has been extremely steep and I am really excited to see what 2018 has in store for me on that front. I am also super excited to see what they literally have in the stores for 2018. My shopaholic side needs to be on vacation a bit more next year. *doa yang baik baik*

New year resolutions?

I have a few that I want to achieve but am going to organise my thoughts later while watching the fireworks later. More like ‘listening’ to the sound of fireworks. *sigh*


Nadia Ismadi

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