Gigi Hadid for a day

Over the years, the only one thing that has never changed for me is my alter ego’s successful career as a Victoria’s Secret model. Don’t you dare say anything to ruin this for me. #selfesteemgamestrong. My parents are SO gonna kill me.

Anyway, I had a tad bit of the taste of that VS life last week. Had my first ever magazine photoshoot! It was very exciting! Thank you thank you, you may stop the applause now. Please guys. *flips tudung*

I honestly was very nervous but lucky that the magazine feature was on a mentor-mentee relationship so I will be featured alongside Rejina! And must I say, I’ve gats to learn some of that pro tips from her! I walked into the shoot thinking that it’ll totally be like my Instagram “photoshoots” where I stare into the distance in deep thoughts (but really I am just wondering if I should get fries with my burger later). But it wasn’t that simple. I have to sit in for a makeup sesh and was so worried that I’d ruin my concealer if I smiled too wide. My eyes get wrinkly when I smile you see. The editorial team from the magazine was very kind to make us feel at ease and they tell us when to look at the camera and when to talk to each other with fake laughs for candid shots. By the end of it, I felt so accomplished, my sister and I went to have fried chicken for lunch. Ah, a very well deserved comfort food. 😉

I always thought that modelling was kinda simple but I am so dead wrong. I have a newfound respect for them having the patience to sit on the makeup chair for hours to do their hair and makeup. And then change their clothes over and over again and then back in that hair-and-makeup chair. And repeat. Salute to you, Gigi and the rest of you peeps with legs that go on for days out there. I better work hard cuz clearly modelling is definitely out of the list for me.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot. Credits to Miss Photographer, my sister Sakinah 🙂

Can’t wait to share with you the feature in The Peak Magazine when it’s out in March!

I dunno why I looked constipated here. -.-”
magazine shoot


makeup artist
Ooh, the brush feels good on ma fes!
Rejina 🙂
Blazer wrapped around shoulders like I’m the shiz #coolkids 
It’s a wrap! (time to go home to wash plates and do the laundry. #reallifecinderella)


Nadia Ismadi

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