Pause, think.

Did you ever think, amidst the crazy work week and the busy weekend and repeat; what will it be like when the plug is pulled and you’re out? What will be the things you wished you did more of, who would you wish to have spent more time with, and most importantly, did you live your life? I know some might say; such dark thoughts, choy!

I recently had that thought when I heard about someone’s sudden passing. While I was frantically running around talking to business partners, connecting with my co-founders and trying to balance my family and social life, news like this really got me to pause and think.

The only thing that I’m probably most scared of is regret. Regretting not doing enough, not giving my all, not trying, not being the best; in every aspect of my life. I don’t want to be busy all the time but with very little value and contributions to give. I want to meet The Creator with a heart filled with gratitude for the life he gave me and with hope things will get better for me in the journey forward.

I know this post is a tad bit serious but I think it is good for us to pause once in a while and ask ourselves, if we die today, are we going to be happy with who we are (were) and the contributions we have made to the people that matter and the little savings we have in our journey towards the Hereafter?

Just a little thought I had. Sometimes I do think we need to pause. And when we do, think.


Nadia Ismadi

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