Thank you, dear support system

I am writing this en route to London. Harry Style’ Sign of the Times is playing in the background. Butt super cramped and backbone’s pretty much non-existent for me at this point, but my mind was just racing the entire time. I had a whirlwind of emotions before I left KL. My parents sat me down to talk about priorities and how they think my life is currently topsy turvy. I admit that they didn’t get to see me much on weekdays and some weekends the team and I would have our hackathons (ie: still working). And one interesting this my dad told me was that he didn’t raise his girl to be “bullied” by the world.

I must admit that I am still trying to align my life from corporate to being a full time startup citizen. And it is very challenging. But honestly, when the team and I debated about features to roll out for pod, pitching about the vision we have for pod to anyone and everyone who would listen, getting doors slammed in our faces (sometimes), working on empowerment projects for Orchid; those were the times that I certainly felt most alive. However, that also meant sometimes I’d miss dinners, forgot the last meal I had, constantly lost track of time and when I get home the only thing I want to do is just crash.

I know they meant well and I do need to adjust my life as the status quo of my living condition is not sustainable. I told my parents I am still trying. Ayah sweetly reminded me that there’s nothing wrong about being ambitious and he recognised that I am such but he does not want me to lose sight of the things that matter.

It helped that before I left, had lunch with Syaz from Whimsigirl and she echoed the same point. She lagilah, got two kids some more. *bowing down to all mothers*.  She told me that in the beginning it was tough and it still is but she’s just grateful to have a strong support system that constantly motivated her to keep going. I have that too but I don’t think I value them enough. I may have taken them for granted.

This is more of a realisation post than anything else. I wanted to take the time to really thank all of you (especially my family – I know y’all stalk my blog) for being there. My team members at pod and Inspiring Orchid, my friends, this one special being, and the awe inspiring people I had the chance to know; thank you all.



Nadia Ismadi


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