That rough patch

I am writing this on the way back to London from Liverpool. Oh my God, my back is breaking (I’m sensing some theme here because my last post had this back thing too. I’m getting old..) but my brother had a great time visiting the stadiums thus by extension I did too. Well, that’s a blatant lie. Absolutely can’t appreciate this part of the trip. I have been getting sooooo many hate/jealous messages from football fans on my Instagram. I know guys, can’t do anything. Sometimes the people who completely don’t deserve it in life gets to go to the stadiums. I feel your pain.

Taking a break from my Sophie’s World (it’s a good book) to write this. When I started blogging, I have always been very truthful and would want to document all the fun, exciting as well as the ugly side of my life. Especially now I’m in the startup space. A lot of people see the glitzy and glamorous bit (so did I when I first started) but missed out (or rather choose not to see) the bitter side of it.

It has been quite a disappointing few weeks for pod. We have been experiencing streaks of downturns and when we see a glimmer of light somewhere, we get lost in the dark again. “But your Instagram posts look super exciting!”

*weak chuckles*

Well yes and no. It is a challenging time now to be away from the business. I’ve been up at 3am daily just to catch up with my team during their morning and be sleeping quite late still sorting stuff out. My team has not been getting much sleep either ironing out integration with payment gateway services to roll out our alpha test.

On top of that we have been getting so many “thank you for reaching out but unfortunately, your application has not been successful” from several potential investors. Some that we thought was money in the bank got away too for one reason after another. And sometimes it is so easy to blame other people but at the end of the day, the onus is on you whether it becomes a success or not, not anyone else’s.

Well, if things sort of happen one at a time then perhaps we can have some time to recuperate and breathe before planning the next move but life doesn’t work that way. They’re like that oversized opponent in a boxing match who kicks you in the nuts and when you’re doubled over, continues to punch you over and over again. And when you’re flat on your face, he/she spits on your hair.

Thank God I have my team with me. Note to founders out there who want to start this journey solo, well, think again. I’m not saying it’s impossible but it can get extremely lonely and sometimes you may feel like you’re fighting against the current. It’ll help to have some people to push you through.

Enough complaining, thanks for listening guys. All 8 of you. You guys are the best. Now it’s time to kick ass. Figuratively of course. But I’m sleep deprived, so who knows.




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