A beautiful flower

Woohoo! Manchester won over Arsenal 2-1 the other day!!!  Glory, glory, Man…

Who are we kidding, I don’t care. But someone told me something interesting at the game. I was seated next to this gentleman who thinks he’s the manager of the club (pfft, don’t they all?), bossing the players around, calling them idiots (replace ‘idiots’ with the C word. I can’t say it here. This is a children-friendly blog). Before he left he asked me if he can tell me something.

“If I were to plant a seed and watch it grew into a beautiful flower, I’m not going to keep it in a cupboard. (At this point, I think I knew where he’s heading with this metaphor). I’m gonna let it out for everyone to see it. You’re a beautiful woman, I don’t think you should be covered”. 

I have had people telling me to stop being oppressed and live freely so many times. I thank them for their kind concerns but I feel quite the contrary. I genuinely feel liberated. I feel free. I have been wearing the hijab since I was a young teenager and have had a fair share of being “not oppressed” before I start wearing the hijab full on. I honestly feel more judged and exposed then. And not just by men but by people in general.

And isn’t the whole meaning of being free is when you are at the liberty to make your own choices? I chose to be covered and some people choose not to. So to each his own. I will not lie but there are days when I feel less attractive in a hijab (especially after hair treatments and my hair is just… FABULOUS! *slow mo hair flip like those shampoo commercials with Natasha Beddingfield’s Unwritten playing in the background* ;D  ), but wearing the hijab means more to me than having a piece of cloth around my head. It constantly reminded me of what being a Muslim woman means; strong, independent yet humble and grounded.

My alter ego would have answered the man; “You’re in one of the biggest game in football history (I don’t know how true this is) and all you can think about is me in this hijab. I don’t think it will be less distracting without this piece of cloth.”  ;}

I want to blog about London but I owe my team so many things now. Will do so the end of the week. #politicianspromise



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