Riang Ria Raya

Can someone tell me who came up with the phrase “Riang Ria Raya”? Because I think it’s very inaccurate to describe Raya. Well, maybe not entirely inaccurate. There’s definitely some riang-ness and ria-ness here and there especially when the family gathers. If anything, it should be Buncit Penat Raya. At least that was how my raya went ;D

So we made a trip to Penang and traffic was quite bad. Kinda needed to brace through the usual crawl (hence the penat-ness). Ayah asked a brilliant question during the car ride: why do people need to all hurry back to their hometown during Raya? Can’t they go back during non raya period and see their loved ones?  I supposed, we should answer that question ourselves too, being one of the peeps stuck in traffic en route to balik kampung -.-”

Raya will definitely not be the same without the usual “bila nak kawen?” questions for me and “anak kau umur berapa sekarang? Dah ada orang ke?” to my parents by members of the community. I do not take offense in those questions. In fact, I’d gladly answer with a smile. (provided you give me duit raya after the condecending conversation. Thank you).

I also find it quite interesting to explain what I do now to some family members. “So, you’re working on your own business now? What are you selling?” Hmmm… What am I selling? I’d usually say, we built an app to help young people save money. They’d nod profusely and say “Ah, I see. Like Microsoft and Google la?”. Errr, yaaa. Why not.

Here are some pictures from Raya. Had a good break, it was tiring but refreshing at the same time. I realise how oxymoronic I must’ve sounded but I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this. Change in environment is always good, no? – from chatting to makcik bawang in the city to makcik bawang in the kampung ;P

Anyhwho, do feast your eyes with the pics; on top of the actual feasting on lemangs and rendangs!



Wanted to blog about my outfits but maybe in the next post. #idarenotsaytimelinethistime #itcouldbeupnextyearraya #dontwaitup




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