One very meaningful car ride

I remembered the day when I paced nervously, waiting for this mysterious icon that will listen to my pitch in a car during the MyUber Pitch session, a couple of years back. When the black car stopped, I got in and this guy immediately said, “Hi Nadia, sorry I’m not Tony Fernandes (as TS Tony was also one of the icons invited to listen to the pitches) but I am excited to hear your pitch and help you in any ways I can”.

That guy was Nazrin Hassan.

To be honest, that conversation spurred my spirit to continue working on pod and Nazrin had always been very encouraging. I’d bump into him at random events and without fail he’d ask how are things going with Save4Dream (before it became pod ). He would get excited to hear our progress and kept telling me to push through when I mentioned some of the stumbling blocks we were facing.

His departure was a real shock for me and I’m sure for the rest of the people who knew this man. He was such a humble person with a kind heart. Would always take the time to hear what others had to say regardless how tight his schedule was. I had a quick chat with him during the KNEO program and he said ” you guys definitely have gone way further than the uber carpitch day. Look forward to see what you guys will look like in a few years time. Catch up soon after raya, ya?”

You will definitely be missed, Nazrin. All the people who spoke about you have nothing but great things to say about you. I pray that Allah will reward you for all the kindness, patience and passion that you had to help others succeeed. May you rest in peace amongst the pious and your family be given the strength to endure this great loss.



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