Friday night with Kylie Jenner

This is what a typical Friday night looks like for me; read a book (or write some drafts on my blog) with my feet soaked in warm water and bath salts. Sometimes I’d turn on my Spotify playlist and lemme tell ya, it can get pretty wild guys! #partayyy

This week has been quite interesting week for the Pod team and I. We’ve made quite significant progress with the issues we have been bogged down with since day 1. I can’t share with you the exact details now but will do a recap maybe with “XYZ bukan nama sebenar ” kinda of post.

I know you all were scanning through the post looking for the part where I talk about actually spending Friday night with Ky (yeap, that’s what I call her, we’re #yettobebesties). Sorry to disappoint, but I am spending this Friday reading about her on Forbes. Clickbaited you good, didn’t I? 😛

People are saying that she has it easy because of the money and fame that she had from day zero and if you want to discount her success because of that; so be it. But let’s not forget the fact that she can always just be complacent with the wealth that her family have and just live off it. Instead, she capitalised on the spotlight and social media led lifestyle that we all succumed to to make herself $900mil richer. And to that I say, kudos on using your “resources” well gurl! 

I always believe that everyone should make use of the “resources” they have to be successful. Are the “resources” the same? Of course not. It could be wealth, good genes, a supportive family, access to enablers, the inevitable push from desperation for survival, thick skin, high tolerance for public shaming, and the list goes on and on. Some may be more privileged than others but that’s just how it is. So instead of hating on those with “extra resources”, find out what are yours and get creative.

Also, I think people sometimes are just jealous. They’re not willing to work hard for anything but when people achieve something extraordinary, they’ll find ways to bring them down to justify their tardiness.

Anyways, I am happy for K (couldnt’ decide if I sound cooler calling her Ky or just K) but, BUT having said all the above; I have to admit, the “self-made” headline does not sit right with me though. I mean, she’s an icon and all but self-made? Errrr… really? Maybe just “made”? Made Billionaire – how bout that? Forbes? What do you think?




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