Babe, you’re getting old

I am super excited!!!! I got new bedsheet and duvet cover from a hotel range for my bedroom and lemme tell you, it’s fancy shmancyyy 😉

Related image
I don’t have that view (yet) but at least got those crisp white sheets alright. ;D 

So following that, I had a conversation with somebody (you know who you are) who had to trample on my excitement and set it on fire by saying:

Babe, you know you’re getting damn old when the things that excite you includes duvets right?

You’d think I’d be “potong stim” after that kan? Heck no! I was annoyed for a split second but kept on talking about how it is made from the finest Egyptian cotton with a dense thread count and a subtle embroidery. Yeap, I’m ancient. *cry powdery tears*  <– geddit? cus I’m just that old….

Whatever la, say what you want. Guess who had a magnificent slumber yesterday? (I used to say “sleep” when I was sleeping on the old bedsheet, it’s a “slumber” now with this new one) *your should read it with a British accent and insert a monocled emoji here* go back to read it with an accent and if you don’t have a monocle buy a pair of glasses and break off one side*

What are the things that excite you that makes you sound like a bazillion years old? #ifyougetexcitedaboutplantsyouareprobablyinthiscategorytoo #alsoincludesherb





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