How to un-kangkung-lemau-kan yourself

Hey guys, just realized I have blogged nothing in over a month. I have drafted so many posts but didn’t manage to post them yet. #powerofprocrastination

So, how have y’all been? *pause for effect* Uh huh, I see. Anyways, I have been going through some emotional roller coaster these past few months. One moment I felt like Wonder Woman and the next moment like a kangkung lemau (wilted vegetable). So I thought I need to change the way I respond to my surroundings and like every normal person out there I began my journey by typing “how to be a sane person” on Google.

And that led me to this really good blog and a Youtube channel that has helped me to pick myself up and so I thought I should share this with you all. It’s called Pickup Limes (what a cute name right!)

I saw Sadia’s (the creator of the blog) video on productivity and found her approach very light and easy. So I ended up watching like a couple more of her videos on minimalism (I can hear some of you snorting and scoffing – rude! ), traveling, vegan recipes (I don’t think I can ever live without eating animals considering my favorite salad is the Thai roast beef salad from Ben’s *evil smile*), and a couple more. Okay la fine, I watched almost all of her videos (emphasis on “almost”).

I tried a few of her hacks especially the Rule of 3 which is listing the top 3 items to do that day and that week. So instead of panicking on the long list of the to do’s, focus on the top 3, get them done and move on to the next 3. She also talks about wellness in general such as healthy eating and minimalism mentality to keep your overall wellbeing in check. Do check her videos out and no, I am not sponsored to say these things. Hope those videos will help you live better!

Sidebar: It also helps that she looks like Amal Clooney, my ultimate girl crush. 😍




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