I am turning into a goldfish

I don’t know if goldfish do actually have a very short attention span, but it’s rubbing onto me now. And I don’t even have a pet goldfish. In fact, I have not been near a goldfish in probably, years.

Oh look, Vivy Yusof just got a baby girl! Look at that bundle of joy, so cute! Okay, come back here. Errr, what were we talking about?

See what I mean?! I can be thinking of a billion things while talking to my team members and truth be told, I might be typing this post in between emails. Isaac (my team member) shared this alpha wave video¬†with me and said it helped him to focus. Now, I don’t know if it’s a placebo thing, but I feel like this helps me to concentrate on one task before moving to another (rather than jumping around frantically like a crazy bunny).

If any of you out there finding yourself turning into a goldfish while doing something, then try playing this video in the background. I am talking if your attention span is morphing into the attention span of a goldfish, not you physically turning into a goldfish. I don’t think this video helps with the physical transformation. Please contact your doctor on the latter (and the press too. I think “Local Woman/Man Turns Into a Goldfish” headline is a sure sell).




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