Current mood: Riley + guilty

I’m feeling so Riley right now. You know Riley –  from Inside Out? No? That movie with these cute characters? These guys below? Still No?

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Wow. Pause. Right. Now. Go. To. Netflix. And. Watch. Inside Out. After that come back and continue reading.

I snapped at my parents today and I feel terrible. All they wanted to do was have dinner with me but I was busy firefighting some crisis at pod today and I just need to send out some emails. It wasn’t a good day for me but definitely not an excuse for me to snap at them. Especially not them. 

When you had a day filled with endless rejections and are constantly jumping over various hurdles, it is so easy to slip out a “f**k” or two (sometimes alternating between “s**t”  and  “$^&#%$”  and  “2%&^(!, !@#_)!#”). Kids, don’t try this at home (or anywhere else for that matter).

My parents always say that rezeki is from Allah and I believe that. I really do. It is just that after the 24653426830937th attempt to solve multiple problems at once and still failing, you kinda want to just yell at every tree you pass by and everyone you know.  #ripthroat

I just had a call with Yingteng and told her I need to learn how to keep my cool especially around people who matter and especially, my family. Her consultant side came out and she advised me to just have a dedicated, uninterrupted family time and just focus on being present.

Then we took a walk down memory lane, reminiscing on how far we’ve gone building this dream we have to revolutionize the way people save money with pod. It has grown beyond just me and her. We have people investing their time and given up on the chance to climb the corporate ladder just to tag along with us on this crazy journey, building this awesome dream. Pod means different things for each one of us in the team but all that we know is that we’re very passionate to make it a success. I feel so much better now after the chat. Hope she doesn’t bill me at the end of the month.

So yea, I guess the stake keeps rising with pod and that’s why I get ticked off easily with the pressure that comes with it. But I have to keep reminding myself that no matter what happened, my parents would never want anything bad to happen to me and if anyone is willing to sacrifice themselves to see me happy; it’s these two people. They’ll do it in a heartbeat. Gosh I’m tearing up now. Gotta say sorry to them. ;(




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