Tapikirkah Anda?

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 1.41.41 PM
Thanks Nabila for showing me the pun šŸ˜‰

Before we go any further, can I just ask: who created this freakin cute campaign?! Tapi(r)kirkah anda, geddit? If you’re LOL-ing right now, you’re my chickas. *high five*

Okay, I know I’m lame. Moving on. Every day starts pretty much with me telling myself: “I am seriously going to blog more to share with people the reality of starting a business and being a tech founder with limited tech knowledge, which also means that I need to read more and reduce time on social media. Okay, let’s do this!”

A few hours later after being trapped in meetings discussing product features for the app, arguing on the different ways to make money from the app, replying to mounting emails, reworking some pitch decks, eavesdropping on people’s conversations during lunch at Ah Cheng about their high school boyfriends (Jason and Vincent are definitely jerks); all I want to do is just chill by myself doing absolutely nothing. Or watch John Oliver videos in loop on YouTube -.-”

The past few weeks have been pretty colourful for me and the team. I know you must be thinking “colourful” as in “shitty” or “colourful” as in “shitty with some sunshine”? Okay, don’t make me sound like a grumpy dwarf la guys. It’s “colourful” as in “so many interesting things happened but I did not manage to sit down to really share with you guys” kinda situation. I wanted to write about our fundraising journey since we closed the pre seed round (woohoo!) but I think that needs a dedicated blogpost to really paint our bittersweet journey of asking strangers for money to fund our dream.

But today, I just wanted to tell you all that Tapir joke.



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