The raisin oatmeal cookie that got away

Have you ever kept something (let’s say a raisin oatmeal cookie) aside because you don’t want to eat it now and would want to eat it later in case you couldn’t find the chocolate chip cookie that you’re looking for? Keep this thought in mind because it is completely relevant to the story.

I found out that one of my past close friends (read: my parents read my blog and all the guys are know are just friends) got married a couple of months back. Now, I know you must be thinking “that’s why la, you jual mahal” or “better hurry up if not all the good ones are taken” or “raisin oatmeal cookies are disgusting”; but do hear me out, let me tell you what I think.

To be completely honest, I used to feel really weird when I found out about my past close friends getting married. (If you’re wondering how many are there, it’s just 2. Fine, 3. Okay, enough. What are you, I know that these persons and I might not end up getting back together anyways but in some sense, it’s nice to know that there’s someone else out there (who is not a stranger and I was attracted to) that are well,.. available. Selfish? Maybe. But today, I do not feel weird anymore.

I suddenly remembered this conversation that I was having with Yana on negotiations. *suddenly so serious* She gave me a really good advice about preparing yourself before walking into any negotiations: always be ready to walk away completely if the deal does not meet your bottom line. I think this can be applied here too right? The reason we settled for the choices that we’re not too happy about making is simply because we are scared to walk away empty-handed.

Perhaps if I don’t marry this person now, I will never be able to find anyone since people always say “the good ones are sold out”. Perhaps, but so what? I am not looking for anyone perfect because I am far from it but I need to be choosing someone that does not make me look at another guy, years down the road thinking; “Man, what did I get myself into. I could have THAT”. *yes, I am referring to you, Ryan Reynolds.

Anyways, just random thoughts. What do you guys think about the raisin oatmeal cookies conundrum? Do tell me while I put on my bulletproof jacket because my mum might want to have a word with me.




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