What is your mission?

I’m currently on the train from Penang. We had a team building exercise and boy did we exercise our brains out! We did a lot of pondering and brainstorming together for next year and by the end of it, everyone looked stoned. Hahahah!

It was refreshing to take a step back and think about the entire puzzle rather than looking at individual pieces once in a while. We learned about the balcony vs the dance floor view. When you’re so syok on the dance floor groovin’ (to me that means flailing my arms furiously while shufflin. Oh ya, I’m just that kewl), you may lose sight of the entire scene. So when you want to step back, you went up onto the balcony and look at everyone. At this point, you probably realize that you suck at dancing and take up knitting instead.

One particular exercise that really impacted me was when the facilitator asked us “what is Pod’s mission?”

*insert cricket sound or broken violin or any other sounds that symbolize awkward silence here*

Our mission? Pfftt. Please, I know this. It’s the very reason why we got together, right guys? Everyone looked at the survey results that were submitted beforehand and all the 4 responses were different. (Sidenote: we took a survey with the same questions individually before the training starts to see what each of us thinks our mission, values, etc are).

We have the essence leading to the same point but if you were to ask each and every one of us, you’ll get different answers. So we put down everyone’s mission on paper and start working to gel it together and… we did it! Now if you ask each and every one of us what Pod is set out to do and we will tell you unanimously that we are helping youth to achieve financial well-being through a personalized, effortless and rewarding tech solutions. #nailedit

Then we moved on to our values and so on. So yea, a productive weekend. Whatever you have in store for us 2019, do know that we’re ready and we gonna buy everything! Wait what? I cannot la, when I hear “store” I think, “buy EVERYTHING!!!” Sorry old habit dies hard. šŸ˜›

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Notice our new Pod shirts? Cute kan?



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