When Nadia meets famous people

The room was buzzing and I waltzed (because walking is for losers) towards this man. Tall, very eloquent and has a kind face. I said hello and we chatted. I thought I had it all under control and was patting myself on the back (figuratively of course because if I were to do that literally, it might freak people out and they won’t want to talk to me anymore) for being able to keep this guy interested in the conversation about the fintech industry in general and Pod, in particular. Minutes later, after sure-I-will-give-you-a-buzz-when-you’re-back-from-your-travels formalities, he raised his palm. While I, confidently extended my hand going in for a handshake. We both froze.





Still frozen.




“Well, I wanted to high five you but the moment is gone I guess”, he said breaking the silence after what seems like 4638 years long. I smiled sheepishly and pulled my hand to high five the co-founder of Fave. The guy who also co-founded says.com and sold it over to Media Prima, you say? Yes, that’s the one.

Felt like slapping myself instead of those proud pats on the back. And this is not even meeting Amal Clooney yet, guys.  -___________-”

Lesson learnt: I should be banned from meeting famous people.


An awkward turtle

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