Tis I, the Productivity Ninja

One of the goals I have this year is to read more books (an example of a bad goal setting btw, not specifying how many books exactly). I’ve finished maybe 5 books in total this year. Tragic, I know. But in my defense (you know me and how much I love defending the weak), I’ve got a lot more research (and by extension includes reading) done strategizing for Pod and other startup-y stuff this year.

Let’s skip the chitter chatter and get to this new book I finished! How To Be A Productivity Ninja!! Huwaiyaaaa! <– I’d imagine this is what ninjas say to greet fellow ninjas.

I think this is a pretty good book where the author gave very action-focused bits of advice to help you be more productive. Here are some of them:

  • map your attention levels throughout the day and use the peaks to do things that require the most focus and thinking power
  • Application of CORD framework to work through your life: Collection, Organize, Review and Do!
  • Collect your thoughts, ideas, wish lists, receipts that you want to claim from HR, anything at all really; into one place. And then review them to sort based on order of priority. My head feels lighter than a cotton candy afterwards. And by doing this “collection” exercise, I discovered that I have about 536,547,483 tabs open on my browser.
These are all in my head?! I wonder what Einstein’s list look like. 
  • Work will expand with time so find ways to create a sense of urgency and lack of time to be more productive.
  • use a komodoro timer! Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Lemme check. Hold on. Pomodoro! It’s Pomodoro guys. I downloaded it on my desktop and seriously it was so useful to break my day into pockets of 25mins and 5 mins break in between. And it will ring when times up. Ahhh, just like school bells. So nostalgic.
The Pomodoro Timer
  • Inbox zero is the mantra throughout this book and as the name suggested, it means to clean your inbox to zero unread messages. you can clear out periodically then suffer cleaning up one shot. Sort them according to “Action”, “Waiting” and “Read”. When you do this, your inbox becomes only the place for new emails to land.
  • Also, don’t start your day with opening and reading emails.
  • Never. And I repeat for effect; N.E.V.E.R.R.R reply emails immediately. Process your email in batches. And pick the inactive attention level to process email.
  • Minimize meetings and if unavoidable, limit the time spent on meetings. We love meetings (myself included) as a mean to walk away from actually working.
  • Monotasking instead of multitasking.

I found the ThinkProductive blog and they have so many useful resources crammed in there! I love this morning routines post on their site.

My verdict on the book: should buy if you need some practical tips to stay on top of your game living in today’s age of work and information overload. I’ll be selling off my copy on Carousell for cheap cheap. 🙂




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