That old couple who broke my heart

“Baby, someday we will be like this couple in front of us. Look at them so cute and in love.”  Fast forward 5 seconds later we kinda wished we were dead, and NOT that couple.

Let’s backup 5 minutes earlier:

Me: Look at that aunty and uncle so cute! She’s walking so fast, clearly excited to shop. That is so me when we’re 60.

Hoon: Oh ya, look at me (referring to the uncle behind the aunty) trying hard to catch up while walking with my walking stick. Hey, wait up! (he imagined that’s what the uncle would be saying to the aunty).

Me: Awwwhhh, you’re my raisin (inside joke that when grapes couple turn old, they become raisins couple)

So we kept on imagining what the uncle might be saying to the aunty and vice versa and seriously, they look so adorable.

Until we arrived at the escalator…

The aunty continued walking towards this lady (we assumed to be their daughter) and the uncle walked right past her towards the escalator going down. And there he went, taking the escalator down. By himself. Leaving the aunty behind.

It took a while for me to realize (Hoon said he realized it right away *pfft*) that the aunty and uncle were not a couple! Looking back, I did notice that the entire time we were behind them, they never spoke to each other (which I assumed as when you’ve been together for as long as they have; you kinda understood one another without the need to talk). They never actually walked side by side (which I assumed as when you’ve been together for as long as they have; you kinda want some personal space between you and your, erm.. walking stick).

Hoon and I were totally heartbroken that those two didn’t end up together. Maybe if they get to know each other a bit more they might actually like each other you know. #riploveatfirstsight

I will be mourning in a corner for that couple that never got together. *sobs*



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