Girl open Instagram, girl scroll through some posts, girl criticizes herself for not being as awesome, happy or successful as these people on her feed, girl clicks “delete account” and proceeds to cry in a corner.

Ya, that’s me PMS-ing right now.

I’m sure that some of us have those down days and mine, in particular, will be triggered during the time of the month. I will be a lot harder on myself, benchmarking what I’ve achieved against others. I’ll end up feeling like some sad bag of rotten potatoes. *sniffles*

Had a great chat with a friend the other day about social media and its impact on our daily lives. He’s an influencer so he shared with me the ups and downs of the virtual life on Instagram. I thought it’s all super glitzy and glamorous but he told me he did get into depression at one point. I was so shocked to hear that. I asked him what else is missing from his life? He has a lot of people looking up to him, a fun job, a steady income, and an independent life.

He told me it’s not always that pretty. It is the other side that most people do not see. The side that is insecure, demotivated, paranoid and inadequacy. When the screen is out, it can get pretty lonely.

Sometimes we get motivated by the success and the inspiring life of others. But there are times when we can get sucked into the negativity and jealousy.

The worst of them all, in my opinion, is when we make social media as the validation of our being. If we have a lot of followers on social media, we have tons of likes and comments; we feel good. The reverse is toxic; when we don’t have a lot of likes or followers, we think we’re worthless.

I think the point of my post this time is to remind myself and all of us to keep the mind focused on our reality instead of getting sucked into the whirlwind of life on Instagram or any social media for that matter.

All of us have good days and bad days but remember, those days are ours and no one else’s. Embrace our own journey and we are the only one that can make them count.



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