I just realized that I have not been reviewing books in a while. To be honest, I might not have been finishing books in a while too. I’ll concurrently read a few titles till I lost count.

But today, I finally finished Boomerang by Michael Lewis! He’s one of my favorite authors and I have a few more of his books on my shelf. I know I know, need to cut down on buying new books. <— this, I blame BookXcess for living so close to my office (they’re literally a floor below me). I’m kidding, I love you BookXcess, please don’t move. *hugs*

Now, where was I? Ah, the book review. This book has a very “interesting” cover. Mama raised her eyebrow every single time I brought out this book. 😂

Boomerang narrates the story leading up to the financial meltdown and post-crisis from the lenses of 5 different economies; Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Germany, and the USA. I like how he tied in the cultural aspects and general psychology of each society contributing to the crisis.

It was quite interesting for me to learn that Greece (one of the most Instagrammable places in the world #priorityinlife), get sucked into massive debt to the point of bankruptcy because of the generous wage and pension given by their government to its citizens. And how German’s fascination with cleanliness yet harboring a secret fetish for filth and chaos is reflected in the way they dealt with the abundance of cheap credits leading up to the meltdown.

The conclusion is on point. We are all lizards, at the end of the day. Okay, that doesn’t sound right. Let’s try this again. Our brain is fairly limited and the core is similar to that of an average lizard (that’s right, not even some rare species lizard. How sad). And our passion is driven by that lizard brain so when we perceive something as scarce, we tend to consume a lot of it with no regards for the social consequences.

My conclusion: a great read for those who think economics is dry but curious to know what happened in 2008. The storytelling is impeccable!



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