Pod app is now on Google Play Store!

I was hyperventilating for the past weeks while biting my nails waiting for our app to be approved by the app stores.

An now… I can finally breathe and say (more like yell);


Woohoo! We are so excited went it went live! The team worked so hard to make sure the app is smooth before we went live. We were firefighting non stop from one issue after another. I can be one of the kakak bomba already now.

Truth be told, some days I feel like curling up in a corner and cry. Felt so beaten when one hurdle rose after another and there seems no light at the end of the tunnel. But when I looked at how hard the team worked to make sure we hit our milestones, I felt humbled and super energised to do more. That’s the power of a great team.

Anyway, you can find out more about Pod here and download, start saving here (if you’re on Android. Apple peeps gotta wait a bit).

In a nutshell, Pod is built to help people save money. Users can set a target and Pod will connect to users bank account to automatically save the money on a weekly basis. Don’t worry, you can choose to cancel and have your money back whenever you need it šŸ™‚

Pod is working hard to help me save money right now while I watch my favourite documentary about underwater creatures; Spongebob Squarepants.



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