THIS is the most exciting email I have ever received

You guys remember my post last week about the most exciting email I have ever received right? Well, it just got kicked to second place by this email:


I was in the toilet when I read this and when I shouted “OH MY GODDDD!!!!”, the people in there must have thought that I my pregnancy test was positive or something.

I seriously thought when I saw the header, the email will sound like this: “Thank you for applying for YCombinator. Your application didn’t make it. It’s not you but it’s just that we have intensely great applicants eg: people who graduated from Harvard and Oxbridge with Astrophysics & Finance double majors building high frequency trading platform that can process billions of dollars of trades in seconds; so it was very competitive. Try again next year and the year after that and after until you retire because we are just that worth it. All the best!” – YC (yes, I have seen many rejections from multiple accelerators and VCs before so, I know what those email sound like). Btw, those Oxford grads with Astrophysics and Finance (double major, so it is one person – his co-founder graduated with double major in Astrophysics and Banking) building the high frequency trading platform is an actual YC funded company. #matilahnak #whatdidtheirparentsfeedthemwhentheywerelittle

Their acceptance rate is so little, I probably have a higher chance to get into Harvard or Stanford (twice!). So. Much. Pressure! DahMakan was the first Malaysian company to get funding from YC last year.

I listened to Michael Seibel’s talks and interviews about building products, gathering the team, finding the product market fit on their YouTube channel almost everyday on my way to work and now I have the chance to breathe the same air as he does. And I’ll also be breathing the same air that all the big guys who have been invited as speakers at YC like Mark Zuckerberg, Vinod Khosla, Peter Theil, Jack Dorsey and other awesome people. So I guess I’m kinda their friends now.

I knew a lot of people prayed for Pod and for that my team and I are so grateful. I will be sure to keep you all posted on our journey throughout the interview. It will probably the most intense 10 minutes of our lives but hey, if I don’t die in there means I can probably take over the world, right?

Anyway, keep praying for us and send us all the best of luck wishes because trust me, we’ll need it!



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