Wintour who?

How’s your Labour Day celebration today? Well, mine went well up until probably around 5pm, when I nearly broke up with Hoon.

So Hoon and I had this conversation and I let you be the judge on whether he can stay or he must get axed.

Me: Who would you like to trade life with for a day?

Hoon: I want to become the Agong. It will be quite interesting to see what his life is like. You?

Me: (after internal debate on whether it’d be more fun to be Elon Musk or Ellen Degeneres, I said…) I want to be Anna Wintour.

Hoon: Who’s that?

Me: (at this point jaw was already on the floor and eyes popped out from the sockets) ….. still speechless

Hoon: Babs?

Me: (I contemplated to say: listen…. I think we need to talk. It’s not you, it’s me. Actually it’s you. Goodbye.) *breathed in breathed out* Dame Anna Wintour is the Editor in Chief for Vogue. She’s the one who host the Met Gala and she decides who gets invited and who doesn’t.

Hoon: Nope, no idea. What does she look like?

Me: (nearly had a heart attack) *inhale exhale inhale exhale* She has this white, bob haircut babs. She’s always wearing sunglasses.

Hoon: Oh! I know someone with a bob haircut too. Her name is Edna.

Me: Edna? Is she a celebrity?

Hoon: Ya, kind of. She made suits for some of the incredible people in my life.

Me: Oh, she’s a designer?

Hoon: Ya, kind of. You know, she makes all kinds of suits. Elastic ones, waterproof, fireproof; all kinds of suits for my INCREDIBLES family.

Me: —.—”

This is Edna guys:

Uhuh. From that cartoon, The Incredibles.

How could he be thinking of this Edna person when I’m talking about Dame Wintour?! THE DAME WINTOUR! I’m not gonna discuss this. I’m offended that he doesn’t know my future best friend. What?! A girl can dream.

Ah, look at my friends and I sitting in the front row, exchanging some comments and laughters



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