Fashion sins


4 letter word that every shopaholic need to see before getting a heart attack. Well, sometimes “Only 1 left in your size”, “Sale ending soon” and worst of all “SOLD OUT” do the trick too. The last one, might as well die la guys.

Anyway, one of the things I want to change about myself is to live more frugally and only buy things that I need (and not because they’re on sale *roll eyes*). And like what Marie Kondo always say “buy things that bring you joy”. Fine fine, she didn’t say that. But she said “hug things in the store and if they bring you joy, put them in the cart”; or something to that effect.

If I want to a buy new thing, I made sure to clear at least 2 pieces out. And just as I am crying on the floor trying to decide which pair of shoes I want to donate or put up on Carousell, I saw this article about fast fashion. And it freaked me out!

Did you guys know that fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world right behind oil? And 73% of the 100 billion garments produced every year end up in landfill. That is insane! Well, I am a sinner too when it comes to fashion. I do consume fast fashion pieces because… well, they are kind of irresistible. Now that I know what I am contributing into by buying stuff from Zara, H&M etc; I think there need to be an extra layer of thought on sustainability before making the purchases (on top of “do I ACTUALLY NEED this” and “will I wear this frequently” default thoughts).

I am going to sort out my wardrobe now. This is my current situation:

Highlighted my usual suspects

Technically I should only have 4 pieces of clothes because out of all these, I only wear 4ish things on a regular basis. If any of you are thinking; this is actually not bad, I have a surprise for you:

And that’s not it my friends:

I have 4 more of these boxes in the top cupboard but let’s not air our excessive clothes in public shall we.

Damn you fast fashion! And SALE!

Anyway, in the effort to stay lean and optimised with clothes (without jeopardising great style), I’m going to sort out my wardrobe and only keep things that I can actually get a lot of use and donate/sell the rest. let me do that today and keep you all posted 🙂



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