The most heartbreaking email I’ve ever received

I must say when you’re expecting an important phone call with all 3 phones and a power bank laid out on the table – every single movement, person, smell, sound, “are you both okay”, “can we get you anything”, “you’ve both been staring at your food it’s starting to freak us out”; annoy you. And don’t get me started with those WhatsApp and AT&T welcome messages. Stop checking up on us to see if we’re okay alright! Just waiting for the most important phone call of our lives!!!

We kept checking Yingteng’s phone for the call and my phone for the email (we don’t want this but better to know early than to be in denial).

And then, at about 8 pm, there was the email. Once I saw the “yc” email subject, both Yingteng and I just looked at each other. We felt defeated and beaten. We thought we deserved the lobster tail we’ve promised to only order when we get the call. Spoiler: we ordered the lobster tail anyways. Arguing that it’s now comfort food instead.

So in case you’ve not been following, we got called back for the final round interview with YCombinator (this elite accelerator based in San Francisco) and if we get in it will be a significant milestone not just for the company but for Malaysia (because to date, only one Malaysian company managed to get into YC). So the email is definitely not ideal.

After ranting to each other for about 5 hours, we agreed that having the YC stamp on Pod would mean a lot but it is definitely not the defining one for us. We still have users, partners, investors and team members who entrusted us to deliver on their goals and we will continue to do whatever it takes to deliver and grow with them.

We received tons of comforting and motivations messages and comments on social media. Thank you all for the prayers and support. If anyone thinking of applying and want to know how the interview process went, I’m more than happy to share our experience.

Well, for now; onwards and upwards.



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