Murica! – Part 2

Happy Saturday everyone! Let us continue on this journey to America shall we?

I always knew that Yingteng and I are different people (ever since our A levels days back in Taylors – we were classmates btw). Just look at our very different “throne faces” :

What la this?!?!

But over this trip I realised we have so much more in common than we realised. We both are generally curious people. For instance we saw someone semi-squatting on the curb with his eyes fixated on a spot on the ground and I suspected that he’s high on something. Yingteng, being the curious cat that she is; went there to stare at the same spot wondering what was it that the guy was looking at. She did that for a good minute. I had to mouth to her saying we should go before the guy suspected that she’s trying to rob him or something *roll eyes*

We had such a great time meeting other startup founders and team members. I had the chance to speak to the CTO of Breaker, Leah Culver on her experiencing building a company and getting some advice on tech. She’s awesome! One thing she said that was very memorable for me was: just do it even if you think you’re not ready. The outcome may surprise you. And if you want to join a group of really supportive women in tech, you should sign up on It’s a women community site discussing a variety of different things from building a company all the way to tips being a solo traveler.

I also got to finally meet Cheryl Yeoh! She used to lead Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MAGIC). I learnt so much from her!!

Cheryl & me

I didn’t have pictures with the other companies I met because I was so engrossed with discussions with them I forgot to take photos. -.-” #needanassistant

I also forget to take pictures of the food we had. Those crabs at Fisherman’s Wharf was just…. TO.DIE.FOR. Seriously.

Here’s the only food picture I have:

Scratching “food blogger” from my Plan B list.
At least got nice ootd ;P
It looks like the bird was photoshopped in but I swear to God that it’s an actual bird flying as I captured this photo. #addphotographerintoplanB
Me avoid touching some bird poop
I noticed they like these iron urm.. structures?
I have never seen a real life lemon tree before. Hence.. #jakun
I also have never seen a Tesla store before too. Waaaaaaaahhhh! *eyes sparkling like those lights* #definitelyveryjakun

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed the journey. I have a few videos but too lazy to piece them to create a travelogue kind of video so… till next time SFO!



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