I have everything

I decided to spend my Saturday shopping. For clothes. At my own wardrobe. Yes, you heard it right. I shopped at my wardrobe yesterday.

When I dress up in the morning, I keep reaching out for the same “This Woman Can” white t-shirt (that I got it for free from Projek Wanita Malaysia, thanks guys you’re the best!), black stripy pants and silver cardigan; eventhough I have two full wardrobe of clothes to choose from. Don’t believe me, see the below:

You can’t see it but I have my “This Woman Can” t-shirt underneath and the silver cardi.
Again, same shirt same cardi. And also same white pants from before.
The infamous silver cardi yet again
Stripey pants and cardi
You can’t see it because I am seated but I have the same black pants and shirt on. Silver cardi so famous, no need intro.
Black pants and gues who it is; THE SILVER CARDI!!!
Yes, it is I; the serial repeater. Take me to jail. I need help.

See, I told you. Anyway, I created about 10 new outfit combinations yesterday. I think I don’t need to tell you about my passion for fashion because if you’ve been following me on social media, you know I love dressing up. But since I want to (try) to spend less on buying unnecessary things, especially clothes; I want to focus on getting more use out of my own wardrobe.

While I was sorting out my clothes, I realised; I have everything! Blazers, blouses (balloon sleeves, raglan, off shoulders, long sleeve, short sleeves, wrap, kimonos, etc), shirts, skirts, pants, houndstooths, laces, pleats, stripes, florals; in almost all colours. Okay maybe not neon. Ooohh, neon.. Okay, stop.

So you see, there’s really no excuse for me to buy anymore clothes >.<


Okay2, hear me out: If I want to buy a new piece, I must make sure I get rid of TWO existing ones that I own. Okay or not? #auguststoreisonsale #ihaveaddedthatdoublebreastedsuitintocart 😛

Can’t wait to share new OOTDs combinations here once my “This Woman Can” white t-shirt, black stripy pants and silver cardigan are in wash.



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