The Law of Constants

Wait, before we move any further, let me Google to see if this law is taken.

Okay, it’s not. There’s a Law of Constant Composition but that’s completely different. May I know if any entrepreneurs out there finds that life is completely overwhelming? Like, what are you doing? Are you chasing the right North? Are you doing the right thing? Are you wasting your life away? Are you wasting other people’s life away? Are you good enough? Why are you not as successful as other companies? How come they can raise funds so easily? How come they can expand into 5 countries over the span of 2 years and you’re barely tackled 1?

These questions are driving me nuts sometimes. But recently I had a good time to reflect. To reflect on how things have been running for me personally and with the company. I realised that not knowing what’s coming or how things will turn out drives me crazy. I hate unpredictabilities. I realised that I seek comfort in having constants.

Like when you were in uni/school, all you need to care about were your grades. With the right mix of clocking the hours in the library studying, picking the right partners for group assignments and lecturer buttering (sometimes); you get the results you want. Those were the constants.

Contrary to being an entrepreneur, nothing is constant. Sometimes people tell you all you need is capital. But then, even with a massive capital, the market may turn and pull you down. Some people tell you if you have a massive user base then you’re golden. But I’ve seen companies with a humongous user base failed because they can’t sustain the operations. I have been annoying myself to the core to figure out what can be the constants that I can hold on to, to at least make this entrepreneurship world a bit more sensible.

And I figured, the constants should be all that matters to me: our bottomline and the people. So even if things are driving me insane, I guess the litmus test are: are we growing the bottomline with this action and are we making the people at Pod better off with this action.

A friend of mine just shared this video on leadership by Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, a corporate and transformational icon where he spoke about success and leadership. Honestly it was just the pick me up that I need.

So I guess what I really wanted to say is this: create your own constants as something to fall back onto. It can be your family, the people you work with or the KPIs. Sometimes uncertainties that lie ahead drive us crazy (especially if you’re like me who Google the plot to scary movies before watching them to prepare for the ghost-jumping-at-you scenes), but always know that if you’ve done all you can with the information you had, the outcome is beyond you. And you should try to be okay with it. If you’re defeated, try again tomorrow. Take it a day at a time but never lose sight of your end goal. Your North star.



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