My first ever radio interview

You know sometimes when you’re singing by yourself in the car or publicly karaoke-ing with your friends and you think “wow, I sound like Beyonce or Taylor Swift!” Well, that perception was definitely shattered for me the moment I heard myself on the radio the other day.

No, I did not drop a new single but…

I had my first ever radio interview!!!

Thank you, thank you. Please, stop. Thank you, please sit (assuming that you’re currently giving me a standing ovation while beaming proudly towards me). Anyway, I was at BFM (it’s a popular business station that had previously interviewed eminent leaders, business figures and other founders) for one of the segments called Resource Centre.

I was privileged to share the session with two other fellow founders from GoGet and Senang. We talked about how our services are addressing the financial inclusion agenda and our experience going through the UNCDF B40 Challenge.

If you’d like to have a listen, click here . Go ahead, I’ll be waiting right here. Come back when you’re done.

Image result for spongebob minutes later meme

So, do I sound okay or are you all



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