A new laptop! (finally!!)

So I finally got a new laptop! Because I have been carrying the Macbook Pro 2011 (from my A-level days, mind you) and it is breaking my back. Quite literally. I calculated my spendings at Thai Odyssey and all the other kind of massages you can name to fix my back and shoulders and they were definitely worth 3 laptops.

Hoon was so excited about the specs and how fast the new laptop can do laptop-py things. While I was busy looking for…

Image result for keyboard hedgehog cover


Oooh, look at that hedgehog keyboard. I died.


So I told Hoon: babs, these are the things that women care about, not how many horsepower does this thing has. (totally generalising here, I am sure some other women also care about laptop-py things like Hoon).

I think we’re no longer together after I said horsepower.

But yes! Looking forward to our 9 years together James! (yes, my laptop has a name and he looks like a James. He’s also British. And an undercover agent pretending to be a laptop. Wait, that last part actually sounds creepy.



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