My relationship with my co founder

“Nadia, for this round of Jakarta trip, is it okay if I stay in another place”? said Yingteng, my co founder one fine day.

“WAIT, WHAT?!?!?! WHY?!?! Why don’t you want to stay in the same place with me?! Was it because I booked that horrible cheap place with the itchy mattress the last time we were in Jakarta?!”

Backstory: I did book a really cheap hotel but the location was very centralised (so I was kinda proud) but it was really uncomfortable – to say the least. We both got rashes after coming back from Jakarta. So I though Yingteng wanted to book her own accommodation because she was scared by my choice. And I’m starting to be a bit worried thinking that is the start of the doom in our co founder relationship. Did you know that 65% of startup failures are due to cofounders no longer able to get along?

Then I asked some of the other startup founders about their relationships with their co founders. Apparently this separate living arrangement when traveling is common. Some admit to not being “buddy buddy” or have any relationship beyond being colleagues at work with their co founders.

I thought founders need to breathe their co founders EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, 24/7, 365 days a year and be super duper close with each other but apparently that need not be the case. Unless you’re married to your co founder (ehem; Fadza and Vivy) then different story la. You will have no choice but to BREATHE your co founder since they’re sleeping in the same bed. Now I feel a bit relieved.

Yingteng and I are friends from our A level days – we skipped class together with our gang to go to Sunway mall, we went for a #yolo trip to Genting (I only did the halal stuff while we’re there) and of course we went to the library frequently to study together (lies). But now I guess the dynamic of our relationship has changed a bit. Still joke like old times but because we share so much time with each other at work, it will be a bit of a break to not have to see one another at home as well. And frankly, even if we hangout outside of work, the conversation will always steer back to Pod. So I guess we both need to come home where we’re not constantly feel like we need to think about work.

But I asked her :

Me: Where are you staying?

Yingteng: Don’t worry, not that far from your place.

Me: If I shout your name from my place you can hear or not?

Yingteng: Can can *roll eyes*

Ahhh… I’m relieved. #clingy



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