I wore a sweater to a black tie event. And I’m proud.

Hey guys! I am really excited for the long weekend. I am going to finish a book this weekend. I know, I know. Sounds really ambitious but you know what they say, aim for the moon and you may land on the stars. Or is it the sun? Anyway, if you’re here to know how you can attend a black tie in a sweater, you are in the right place!

The Peak magazine invited both Rejina, my mentor and ex-boss; and I for their 30th anniversary and it was a black tie event. You remember our mentor-protege spread?

Passing The Mantle - Meaningful Stories On Mentorship (Part 1)
Read our feature in The Peak here

A week before the big night, I rummaged my closet looking for something appropriate to wear and there was absolutely nothing. Those memes about women standing in front of their 16 closets and still have nothing to wear are so true. IT’S A CURSE I AM TELLING YOU!! But I didn’t want to buy a new dress because let’s face it, I am not a Miss Universe with black tie events to attend every night. So I got creative!

Believe it or not, this was what I wore and they’re all from my EXISTING closet.

Am I an artist or what?!

Look carefully and you will see the below:

  1. Glittery top: actually a slouchy glitzy sweater from my uni days
  2. Skirt toga drape thingy : it’s a baju kurung skirt from Shals. Instead of tying the ends of the pareo skirt together, I brough one side over my shoulder and the other across my arm and pinned at the back.
  3. All bundled up together with a waist belt I have from God knows how long.

Et voila!

I am seriously very proud of myself because I can talk myself into buying rather very impulsively but this time, I did not! I think I deserve a reward for my effort. *typing netaporter.com into Google*



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