A walk out of my comfort zone

Guess where I was from. Go on, give me your best shot.

I just came back from GM Klang. Yes, the wholesale mall. I was dragging myself there because my aunt and Tok (my grandma) wanted to go. I don’t know if you all knew this but I am a creature of habit. I like places that I understand and know darn well like the back of my hand. So having to drive to a place that I am not familiar with is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zones (which are Starling Mall, One Utama, Pavillion and KLCC) . And plus, it was raining heavily when we were on our way there. I hate driving in the rain.

So, when we arrived, I dropped them all at the main entrance (since Tok is on a wheelchair, it will be easier for her to just wait at the lobby) while I drove up to find a parking. It was so packed so inevitably, I parked illegally somewhere on the 8th floor. And that was the highest level, so if you can’t find a parking there means, you won’t be able to go up further to find empty spots. Due to no fault of my own; I hated the place already.

But when I went down and saw Tok happily buying some new clothes she can wear at home and my aunt getting excited about how cheap things there were, I felt glad I brought them there. I felt glad to have contributed to that feeling of joy they were experiencing. Then I brought my grandma to eat some toasts and she was telling me it’s nice to have gone out. She said most of the time she didn’t want to go anywhere because she thought she’s a nuisance with her wheelchair and all but today she felt quite nice.

Kudos to GM Klang for the really wide walkway and working elevators. It brought some good experience for my grandma and I today. Sorry I didn’t manage to snap any photos but I do want to share my experience today. Sometimes when you feel annoyed that you have to do something for someone else but then you can’t help to feel good that they felt good. the good will come around for sure.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend too!



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